Self Service Launderettes

With a twist

Our modern self service launderettes are relaxing, clean environments with FREE WiFi and plenty of amenities where you can enjoy laundry day in style, and quickly! Our machines are environmentally friendly and customer service is always available.




97 Riversdale Road

Hawthorn,VIC, 3122
Tram: 16 & 75 Corner of Glenferrie Rd
Close to Melbourne University and Swinburne University

Space for Rent


174 Bridge Rd

Richmond,VIC, 3121
Tram: 48, 75 to Bridge Rd stop 17
Easily accessible from Melbourne CBD

The Waffle Press


63 Elgin St

Carlton,VIC, 3053

Easily accessible from Melbourne CBD
Tram: 1, 8 or 96 to Elgin St
Bus: 200, 207, 250, 251 to Elgin St



Aurora Espresso Bar


35A Heller St

Crn Grantham & Heller St

Brunswick,VIC, 3055
Easily accessible from Melbourne CBD
Tram: 58 to Grantham St Stop 29
Bus: 506 or 508 to Grantham St
Featuring a dedicated 14kg Pet bedding washer




washer service


2 loads | 9kg | $6 ($3 a load)
3 loads | 13.5kg | $8 ($2.60 a load)
6 loads | 27kg | $14 ($2.30 a load) *not at Carlton yet

Our high grade sanitary stainless steel washers are top of the range,
using 44% less electricity then other commercial brands and 68% less
water then a commercial top loader. Helping the environment by
minimising our footprint. With a 10 year minimum life span and fully
recyclable parts, they won't end up in landfill like millions of household
appliances. These hard mount models have extraction up to 200 G-Force
for customers looking to maximize water extraction and reduce dry time.
Launderettes are the future of CBD living.

Dryer service


$1 for 8 minutes
Dryers can be opened and restarted at anytime during your cycle

Our launderettes are all fitted with industrial gas dryers,
which are not only extremely fast drying, plus efficient
but also much better for the environment than your
household laundry appliances.
Boosting a large capacity of 14 Kg, you can easily dry multiple
loads, large doonas, a house load of curtains or your favorite shag rug
Saving you time, electricity and money.

Doona Wash

Our enormous washers and dryers
can clean even the largest of bedding or curtains.
(see above for washer sizes and prices)


Amenities and Payment

• Laundry Powder
• Change Machine
• Snack Vending Machine
• Massage Chairs

• Hand Basin
• Cafe and Free Wifi
• DIY Organic Dog Wash
• Games and more

Washers and dryers accept $1 and $2 coins
Change machines accept ALL NOTES
Use Brunswick for pet friendly washer and Dooba Organic DIY Dog wash

Payment methods




Relax, we've got your back

If you find yourself in a bit of a pickle or have some serious garment care woes, we got your back. Here at Soap Bar Launderette we pride our selves on customer service, we’re only ever a phone call away.

There’s advice to aid you with work related incidents, lipstick stains or even if you tried to climb a chimney.

For general household advice, subscribe to this informative little Blog site


Are you looking for a cafe space with low setup costs and a dedicated audience? Hit us up with your ideas.


Are you interested in turning an old run down launderette or shop into a Soap Bar launderette? We’d love to hear from you.

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