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Complimentary high strength washing powder. Only half the amount needed saving the environment and your clothes.


Washer and Dryer information


Soap Bar’s smallest washing machines take two level basket loads or 9kgs. They can also fit queen bedding and some mattress protectors, They are bolted down to extract more water than home appliances, making drying cheaper..


Our Torquay Laundrette’s medium size washers hold  13kgs. Multiple queen bedding and king bedding can be washed in these machines. They also have low water usage  and only need a small amount of washing powder.


The biggest washers on the Surf Coast. 27kgs of dirty clothes, king doonas or extra thick mattress protectors. Some Rugs and most blankets will wash well in this whopping big washer.

$1 = 8 Mins

Our laundry’s high powered express dryers take only 24 minutes to dry a few loads of washing. All dryers have a super wide opening and can fit anything you can squeeze in our washers. Quick tips: Separate large loads for faster dry times!

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