A little background story...

Laundry's a fact of life!

Ben and Constance Cartoon stick figures

A few years back, we lived in Carlton, in a small apartment
with no washer. Every week we spent an hour in an old,
stark, brightly lit coin laundry; sitting on hard plastic chairs
with no music, no love.
One year the owner abandoned it and by chance we
stumbled into the launderette business. We put on some
tunes. We made coffee and food. Not rocket science,
but hell, we just wanted to make it better. More sort of,
leisurely. There was Jenga involved. People hung out. Voluntarily.
Basically, we want to keep doing that. We're so happy
to bring this to Carlton, Brunswick, Richmond and now Hawthorn.

Our place is constantly monitored and
we can remote control all machines, so if you
need assistance or have any suggestions,
we are only ever a phone call away.

Happy Laundry Day
Constance & Ben
1300 18 7627 (SOAP)

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